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No Keswick to Barrow 2012 for Scrib.

2 May

For the past few months I’ve been in the ‘Runners injury circle’. Whats this?

Its the situation I found myself in when trying to train for the 2012 London marathon and describes the loop you can get into trying to train with injury.

The more you train the more your injuries niggle. The less you train the more you worry about if you are ready for the event!

There comes a point, in some cases (and in my case), where its just best to throw in the towl and take some time off just to let your body repair properly.

Because of this I’ve decided to take a month off running after completing the 2012 London marathon. Normally two to three weeks would be sufficient for this type of repair break, but I’ve decided on a month due to various injury and medical reasons.  I’ll still be doing some running related activities, stretching and foam rolling to keep things ticking over, but no actual running.

So its no Keswick to Barrow this year for me! Which I’m actually going to really miss!

A huge ‘Good luck’ to everyone who is walking, or running it this year and enjoy your 42 miles. I’ll hopefully see you next year as I have a personal best to beat!


Mountain biking weekend at Keswick! Completed!

5 Jun

As promised a post adventure report, photos and a panorama on my two day Keswick mountain biking trip.

Got some great photos on the Lake District around Keswick!

See my Keswick Mountain biking page here.

Mountain biking weekend at Keswick!

2 Jun

Bag is packed, camel bag is packed, bike is checked and I’m ready for a weekend of mountain biking around Keswick (Lake District, UK). As usual I’ll be tracking the routes on Runkeeper and for the regulars to Scribsblog there will a post adventure report and photos hopefully on Sunday. Assuming, of course, there are no serious injuries.

The weather forecast is very good, perhaps a bit too good. As regulars know, I much prefer the weather when it’s cooler and possibly damp when flying around a woodland path or running. The weekends forecast is for hot, hot, hot weather so I think I might need to pack the sun cream!

If you’re wondering what to do this weekend why don’t you just get out there and enjoy the great outdoors. See you Sunday,


Update: Post trip report here.

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