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How to Get Started as a Runner at Runner’s World

23 May

A great little article for anyone new to running and considering it – How to Get Started as a Runner at Runner’s World.


BBC News – Ultra-running: Who was the mysterious White Horse?

5 Apr

The long-distance runner Michael Randall Hickman, also known as Micah True, White Horse or Caballo Blanco, was a talismanic figure for ultra-runners until his recent death. He befriended an enigmatic tribe of super-athletes and inspired many to take up ultramarathons, writes friend and Born to Run author Christopher McDougall………….

BBC News – Ultra-running: Who was the mysterious White Horse?.

Use it or lose it! (via elisabethfit4you)

20 Jun

Very interesting information on muscle mass loss as we age.

Use it or lose it! Did you know we start losing muscle mass (also known as sarcopenia) already in our 20’s? If we are sedentary we can lose as much as 15% of our muscle mass between the ages of 25-50, and up to 30% during the two decades after that! As a female in my 40’s it is very important for me to do exercises that build muscle strength and mass.  It is important for men as well, but as women we start out with less muscle mass and therefore have less to lose.  … Read More

via elisabethfit4you

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