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Wild Camping (pt 1) (via wild wanderings)

22 Jun

Nice little article on Wild Camping, something close to my heart.

Wild Camping (pt 1) And so… to wild camping. It’s been in the local news recently (well actually, it hasn’t – parking up and camping by the roadside and leaving a mess isn’t wild camping dear BBC, but we‘ll not dwell on that here) Essentially, wild camping is technically illegal in England and Wales (different rules in Scotland and Dartmoor) unless the permission of the land owner is sought in advance, a largely impractical undertaking given the way the ownership of … Read More

via wild wanderings


Cooking on the move, get a Trangia!

21 May

Trangia stove

I’ve always used a gas stove when camping or out in the wilds, but I’ve just bought a Trangia after seeing a review of them. The trangia is an alcohol-burning portable stove manufactured by a Swedish company.

If you search for ‘Trangia’ on utube you can see them in action.

I managed to pick one up at about half the price of a new one from ebay and its in near new condition!

These stoves are designed primarily for backpackers, with a focus on light weight, durability and simple design. Trangia’s are unique in that the entire packaged stove, including pots, is not significantly larger than a standard camp cooking pot, whereas with my current equipment I have to take a gas bottle, stove fitting and my mess tins.

I’m planning a wild camping trip mid June, with my son (his first wild camp) so I’ll give it a go and feedback.

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