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Feeling a bit under the weather – Do you still run?

30 Aug

I was feeling a bit ill at the weekend with a sore throat and definitely not at 100% – perhaps 90% – which nearly caused me to abandon my Sunday (long) run altogether. In the end, after a bit of thought, I decided  to do a shorter than normal run and see how it went. 

It was a damp but warm day with a little rain now and then. “Perfect ill running weather” I thought as I finished my warm up and headed out of the door. I slogged along thinking “was this really a good idea when I could be in front of the TV with my blanket and a hot cup of coffee”.

After a couple of miles things started to pick up and I felt a bit better. Still not 100%, not even 95%, but better than I thought. I ended up doing a six mile run keeping close to home in case of ‘problems’. I spent the rest of the day with my feet up looking for sympathy – which I didn’t get 😉

This got me wondering what other runners do in these situation. OK we enjoy running, but if your not feeling 100% is it best to rest up and put the running on hold? Or do your still make an attempt, to keep things ticking over? From a pure medical point of view surely its better to rest up, get better quicker and then continue the exercise. But, on the other hand if your not ill enough to be bed ridden you don’t want to be making excuses do you?

With all this in mind I’ve put together the following poll. Let me know what your experience is:

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