Scrib Mountian biking Whinlatter Red (South) route

Hi,  my name is Scrib. I live in the Lake District, which is in the North West of the UK.

In the last few years I’ve become much more interested in getting off the couch and getting into the great outdoors, being fitter, more active and ‘just getting out there’! Where I live is an awesome part of the world with some of the most beautiful countryside in the UK, just on my doorstep.

In this blog I talk about how I got off that couch, lost weight and got fit. I’m proud of this achievement and even more proud that I kept the weight off!

Scrib - before and after

People often ask me how I achieved this and ask advice, so I got to work writing this blog to share what I discovered in the hope that it might help others and motivate them.

Please use any tips or advice I give on this site to help you. However please keep in mind that I’m no doctor, scientist, personal trainer, nutrition specialist or anything to do with the medical profession. I’m just a normal guy that found a process that worked for me after a bit of trial and error. And to be honest the process is to simply get more active and eat properly. Sounds simple doesn’t it? The hard bit can be changing your habits! But I managed it and if I can ANYONE can!

Please take a look around this blog, make any constructive comments and enjoy.

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