Runkeeper gets auto pause. Updated.

30 Oct

Its been a long awaited feature that has finally appeared in the latest version of Runkeeper for iPhone ( What is it?

Auto Pause!

The theory is that with auto pause, enabled from the App ‘settings’ page, that your current activity will pause automatically if you ‘stop’. When you resume the activity will also resume, automatically.

Unfortunately, I’m unable to find any further information on the criteria for a ‘stop’. For example; some run tracking apps will auto pause if your activity distance drops dramatically to a crawl, others will class a stop as a literal stop, which I’m assuming is what Runkeeper is doing.

Android users will currently have to wait as this feature, and others, are in the current beta version.

More info here and on the RunKeeper support pages.


Update: I used auto pause this morning and it worked well and as expected. I was doing a cycling activity and had to stop of traffic lights. As I did Runkeeper automatically paused the activity and then resumed a few seconds after I resumed my peddling. Seems like a feature I’ll keep enabled as it works as described.

You may be asking what’s the point of auto pause and to answer that you have to appreciate that if you stop during an activity, say to talk to someone or to wait for traffic, etc, you stats (average pace, etc) start to be effected. You may ask “so what?” and for some people that may not matter. However, if you are training seriously your stats can be quite important as you try and improve your performance.


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