Update: Brooks ADRENALINE GTS 11

27 Sep

I blogged a while back about my new Brooks ADRENALINE GTS 11 trainers that I purchased after my trusty, long suffering Newtons finally started to fall apart.

As with all new equipment you “can’t just judge a book by its cover”, and I wanted to give an update on progress, now I have had time to run them in for a while.


I always get a bit concerned when buying new running footwear as it can be an expensive mistake if you find you’re not suited! And its not so easy taking them back to the shop after you’ve been out on them.

With the Brooks I can report I’ve had no issues at all and still think they are one of the best pair of running shoes I’ve ever had. Definitely as good, if not better, than the Newtons, although slightly heavier.

I’ve done over 80 miles on the Brooks, including the BUPA Great North run, and I have to say they have been very comfortable, light and breathable and I haven’t had so much as a blister! All in all an excellent purchase!


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