Great North run – Two days to go. Lets get organised!

16 Sep

Only two days left to the Great North run. The weather forecast isn’t brilliant and is currently threatening ‘Light rain showers’. So I guess I’m going to have to employ my iPhone zip lock bags, or at least have them to hand. For me a rainy run is much preferred. I’m not sure why, I think I just like the fact that your out in the elements with the added bonus of not getting to over heated. I’ll quite happily put my running shoes on and go out in a downpour. Try it, its pretty awesome!

I’ve started making a list of ‘things to take’. This isn’t a vital task when running in an event and I’m sure many people don’t bother and get along just fine, but I’ve always found it useful as forgetting something vital might not be a disaster, it could certainly muddy the mood and stop you getting into the ‘zone’ before your event.  You’re there to run an event not to worry about the fact you’ve forgetton your trainers! Now that would be a disaster! Barefoot running anyone?

So whats on the list? Obviously the normal things like trainers, shorts shirt, water, iphone, iphone armband, ziplock bags, etc.

But this time I’ve also got to remember things like the timing chip (that you have to attached to your shoe) and my poncho (to wear before the start) in case of rain (likely!). Also, not forgetting my breakfast and pre-event food (porrage, honey, nuts and raisens, etc) as I’m staying in a hotel, a bit closer to Newcastle, the night before. And now, after seeing the weather forecast, I’m thinking about nipple plasters – yes you heard me right! Theres nothing worst than a wet shirt rubbing again you for a couple of hours! Believe me I know! I’ve also double checked that I know where I’m going, how to get there, where the start is, where to met up at the finish.

So the plan is to get my ‘kit’ ready tonight and double check it tomorrow before I set off for the hotel. Preparation means = less stress on event day.

Good luck to everyone taking part. See you Sunday!



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