Great North run – Less than a week to go.

12 Sep

Well its been a while since I blogged about the Great North run. I’ve received all my bits and pieces from the organisers and charity now and I’ve pretty much done as much training as I can (although not as much as would have liked as its been a busy few months). So I just have to turn up now on Sunday.

Really looking forward to the event. I’ve only done a few events since I started running, and the atmosphere is amazing when you take part in something like this. From the crowds cheering you on, to look on peoples face when they cross that finish line, its a pretty awesome experience and something I think everyone should at least consider!

Even before I’ve run the Great North run I’m already looking for other local events to attend. It definitely gives you something to aim for and it helps focus your running, as it switches from a leisure activity to a training schedule to reach a goal. Not a bad idea to keep you motivated. Check out local running websites for events in your area, or take a visit to the runners world (UK) web site where you can search for local events. Once I started looking I was surprised at how many events there are in my area.

I’ll be tracking my Great North run route, of course, with runkeeper so if you want to keep an eye on my progress visit my Runkeeper page here.

Good luck to everyone who’s taking part and I hope you have a good run and above all enjoy it!







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