Bupa Great North run #4 – Training Back On Track!

20 Jun

OK, I’ve shaken off the man flu, sorted out my schedule and my training is back on track.

I had to put my foot down a little as my Tuesday and Thursday runs home from work were in danger of being slightly eroded by our busy family life. We manged to solve that issue and compromises were made and I’m feeling much better and everyone is happy!

I’ve started to increase the mileage on my Tuesday and Thursday runs now and I’m aiming for 8+ miles on each day this week. As for my Sunday run, I moved it to Saturday this week, and managed to incorporate it into a family event I wanted to attend, which allowed me to do a new route and I clocked up 10.7 miles. See my blog posting ‘Incorporate not Decimate‘.

So onward we go, The Great North run is getting closer and closer and will be on me before I know it!

Don’t forget if you would like to sposor me, thanks to everyone who already has by the way, then please visit my fund raising page at http://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/PaulScribbans. I’m raising money for Children with Caner and all donations are really appreciated.


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