Keswick to Barrow 2011 – The results.

15 May

The Keswick to Barrow (K to B) results came out on Wednesday and came 64’th out of 2014 which I’m really pleased with!

Its been a week since the Keswick to Barrow last Saturday. Things have returned pretty much to normal, what with work, the kids, recovering, etc! As expected my body has been on a massive ‘give me food!’ protest. With last weeks exertions my body has gone into mad repair and recharge mode. Whilst I’ve been obeying these requests I’ve also been mindful of not over doing it. Having enough to satisfy me without being too stupid, but with the odd treat, considering the circumstances. This can be an important point. An analogy I sometimes use is that ‘it might be great exercise to go on a 10 mile hike but if you come home hungry and stuff down 5 potions of curry’s and rice you haven’t really achieved much! In fact you’ll probably end up putting more weight on!’ OK, maybe a bit exaggerated, but you get my point. You need to refuel with whats been lost and whats required for repair. The trick is knowing how much is too much, and how much is too little. My tip for this is to eat sensibly and then wait a while (20 – 30 minutes or so) if you’re still hungrey then have a little more. You’d be surprised that once you let your food settle you often don’t need anything else. You’ll notice I said ‘sensibly‘, if you eat sugary foods (and drink) your more likely to feel hungry sooner.  I talk about this further in my ‘How I lost weight’ sections.

So a week on since the K to B and the stiffness has gone now, I’ve taken it easy and haven’t run since the event to allow my body to ‘reset’. I’ve still kept things ticking over by walking and cycling to work, with the odd detour to increase the mileage. I’ve also kept up my daily stretching and exercise routine. However, next week I plan to start my running again. I looked at my Runkeeper running stats the other day for the last three years. I noticed that every year during January to May, my training period for the K to B, I do more training than in the previous year.

Runkeeper total miles run per month 11/2008 - 04/2011

This is certainly reflected in my K to B results for the last three years, with my times getting better each year.

Keswick to Barrow score card 2009

Keswick to Barrow score card 2010

Keswick to Barrow score card 2011

I also noticed that my recovery time is less and less each year with this year having hardly any post event limps at all and no BLISTERS! In 2009 I spent the entire Sunday walking on my hands and knees, much to the amusement of the kids who thought I wanted to play horses!

The Runkeeper stats also show my training is a little erratic between June and December, something I plan to correct this year. I have the Newcastle Great North run coming up in September theres something to aim for.

Finally, I noticed this week a huge buzz at work and in my personal life with people suddenly wanting to get out there and be more active. I couple of people have started running and another has dusted off their hiking boots and started walking. Some of these people are wanting to do the K to B next year, others just want to get more active. I think this is fantastic! And it goes to show that being active can rub of on people, which is the main reason I write this blog in the hope that some people might be encouraged to get off their backside’s and ‘get out there!’.

I had the pleasure of listening to someone the other day shortly after they had finished their first long walk, they were absolutely buzzing with excitement due to their achievement. I just sat there, smiled to myself and thought ‘ yep, you got it!’.


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