Kids! Get those helmets on!

4 Mar

Its been a week tomorrow since my six year old daughter went down a steep hill too fast, on her bike and crashed – literally – head first into a wooden farm gate!

She knocked out two front teeth (luckly her baby teeth) and also bit right through her bottom lip.

The result was a trip to the face reconstruction surgeon and an over night stay in hospital.

A week later shes supporting a toothless smile and a large gash were she bit through her lip! But it really shows how resilient kids are and shes running around now like nothing has happened.

One thing that really hit home about this incident is that the hospital said that if my daughter was not wearing a cycling helmet that the damage she would have done would have been ‘Considerably worse!’. The helmets lip took most of the damage, so you can imagine how bad it might have been if she had not been wearing one at all.

So if your kids don’t want to wear a helmet because they think it doesn’t look cool, then perhaps you should remind them that being seriously injured, or worse, doesn’t look cool either.

I’m not saying that wearing a biking helmet will stop all injuries, or worse, but at least its better than not wearing one.


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