How I lost weight and kept it off. Part 2

28 Feb

Continued from part 1.

Me – Then and now!

OK so what was the next step? I’d figured out what was going on with my bodies energy usage, but what to do? How do I fix this? There is still more to understand……..

Food addiction?

It may sound daft to someone who’s never had a problem with their weight but food can be addictive, very addictive. Some people eat/drink too much or the wrong things for many reasons:

  • As a way of handling stress or depression.
  • To be social.
  • Simply because they enjoy it.
  • Or all of the above

Lets face it eating/drinking nice things is a nice thing to do, even if you sometimes do feel guilty if you’ve had too much. Anyone for a cream cake?

Other foods can be addictive in a more basic way. Some foods can cause an addiction in a more drug like way! Don’t believe me? OK, if you drink more than 5-6 cups of tea or coffee a day, try stopping for week but make sure you drink something else that doesn’t contain caffeine, hot or cold water is best . OK, so you may achieve this easily, but at any point during that week were you ‘dieing’ for a cup of tea or coffee? Be honest! If the answer is yes, as I’m sure it will be for most people, you have to asked yourself why you would have this feeling for a simple drink, when you were not particularly thirsty. If you’ve ever given up smoking you might a liken the feeling to the need to nicotine, all be it not so intense.

So food can be addictive, but what else? Why do some of us have this need for eating too much? Time for ScribLogic I think?

ScribLogic lession – The bodies food yearning:

Now believe it or not humans are animals, all be it clever (although i sometimes wonder) ones. Like all life forms we have basic instincts to survive and no matter how ‘clever’ we have become these instincts will always we with us.

Feeding our bodies is one of the most important basic instincts, its a core part of our ‘programming’. If we do not feed (eating and drinking) we die – simple! Lets call this ‘Food instinct’.

It was not so long ago that humans were scratching out an existence, living off the land and struggling to find food. In these early days many populations of humans would have died out during difficult periods, such as drought  and famine, caused by low rain fall or winter i.e. the climate. Obviously this did not affect only humans, all life form populations will be directly affected by the environment and food availability and supply.

The seasons played an important part in this, during the summer food may have been plentiful, in the winter not so. Have you ever noticed that you put on more weight during the winter. I only realised this recently, but its true, even for me. I will be a few pounds heavier in the winter as apposed to the summer even though I exercise the same and don’t consciously eat any different. Is this some instinct to fatten up during periods when food might not be so readability available? Interesting isn’t it, maybe its just a coincidence? Is it that our bodies seem know these things without us consciously realising it?

Understanding this makes all the difference!

Currently, large parts of the human population have all the food they want, some unfortunately don’t.

So, let us break all this down:

  • a) We have this ‘core programming’ to survive, including food instinct.
  • b) We may have addiction to food or some foods.
  • c) There may be a seasonal aspect to this also.
  • d) We have all the food we need.
  • a + b + c + d = higher risk of loosing control of our weight?

So does this mean the instinct will know or even care if the above 4 factors are in place (a + b + c + d) at the same time? Or to put it another way, are we going to eat more than we need to because our instinct is to take on and store as many calories as possible because our instinct assumes the worse, that food will not always be so readily on supply. Take a dog, for example, if given the opportunity a dog will eat until its full enough to be sick. If you gave it a limitless supply of food, you’d have a fat dog. The dog is just following its instinct.

Knowing these things gives us the tools to understand and to work out whats going on. With this knowledge we can learn to live and work with our bodies and instincts and overcome the vicious circle of over eating.

I’ll discuss the next step in Part 3. To keep posted and up to date please link to this blog via the RSS feed. If you’d like to share this blog please us the ‘add this’ buttons at the bottom of each post to link to Twitter, Facebook, etc.


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