Kewswick to Barrow Training: 20 Feb 2011

20 Feb

I Did 12 miles today on my ‘Sunday morning run’. I’ve been slow building up over the past few weeks, doing a extra mile per week. Its interesting to look at my ‘activity’ map on Runkeeper and try and work out how to add an extra mile. You often see a road loop taking you that little bit further out of your way, and thus adding extra milage.

So next week its 13 miles, but that’s unlucky, so I might have to push onto 14 miles.

The Keswick to Barrow is not until May and I’m glad I’ve started pushing myself this earlier. The last two years I left it to much later which wasn’t a good idea.

I’ve also started swimming again once a week to help build stamina, which I really enjoy and regret stopping. What with a busy family life sometimes keeping fit can take a back seat, but I believe there is always a way to keep your exercise levels up, although it might mean going out side your comfort zone, which isn’t a such a bad thing.


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