How I lost weight and kept it off. Part 1

12 Aug

Ok, So a lot of people who have known me for a while were impressed with my weight loss over the past couple of years. A lot more have been even more impressed because I have kept the weight off – no yoyo diets here! This is the area where people seem to get stuck. They can loose weight, but soon put it back on. I wanted to write this blog to share my experience in the hope it may help/encourage others.

So how did I do this miracle after being over three stone over weight? Did I go on a special ground breaking diet? Did I take up exercise? Did I join a gym? Did I have an operation ?

The truth is that I did a mixture of SOME the above, but the underlying thing that made my achievement possible was that I came to the conclusion that to loose weight and to get healthily that I’d have to change my life style.

Its often helpful to break down problems into smaller components and then to be able to visualize and work on the individual issues. For the sake of argument lets call this process ‘ScribLogic’.

ScribLogic lesson – Your bodies energy usage: I applied ScribLogic to my weight problem, and this is what I initially came up with.

To put it simply, think of your body as a barrel (ok not the most flattering examples but bear with me here). This barrel has a tap in the bottom. This tap represents your, erm, waste, burnt energy, heat loss, etc (i.e. your bodies output).
Now you fill the barrel half full with water. The water represents what you put into your body (i.e. food and drink – yes it’s not just food that as calories), or to pit it another way energy. Now, for the sake of argument let’s say this barrel, half filled with water, represents a healthy body and weight for you. With me so far?

Now we open the tap in the bottom of the barrel and at he same time turn on the hose pipe feeding the barrel at the top. The hose pipe delivers the exact same amount of water that is being lost from the hole, so the barrel should remain half full and thus we have a healthy input and output that is well balanced. Or, to put it another way we have a healthy well balanced diet.

OK, Now we increase the input by turning up the hose pipe a bit. What happens? You guessed it, the water level in the barrel rises which represents you putting on weight because you are eating more.

Now we can play with this idea a bit.

So, you decided you’ve put on a bit of weight. So you start exercising more (resented by the hole being enlarged slightly), so the water level stops going up and either stays the same or reduces. Then you start eating more sensibly, thus the water level goes down. You get my drift.

To be healthy whatever goes in needs to be balanced with what goes out. When I sat and thought about this, using the barrel ScribLogic, although obvious to most people, it helped hammer it home. I released that eating and drinking to excess, although enjoyable, was actually making me more miserable. I remember saying to myself “what do you want, quick hits of pleasure when you eat and drink, or the more permanent pleasure of knowing you are healthy AND achieving something!”. After all its easy to eat and drink too much, it can be harder not to.

The answer was simple – see part 2.


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